Join our sales team in pitching our product to potential schools while getting rewarded with an attractive commission on every successful school partnership.

Our Product - FLIPCBT

Flip is an enhanced assessment platform that provides computerized tests, examination management, quick grading systems, and collation of results instead of the use of pen and paper.

How Does It Work?

Become a certified FLIP marketer with these 4 easy steps

Get Started

Sign up as a Sales Marketer for FLIP

Sign up as a sales marketer on FLIP and submit all requirements needed for verification.

Strike up Conversations

Follow up on your prospects and be eager to answer all questions concerning Flip. Be ready to jump on quick calls with your prospects until their partnership is secured with the FLIP sales team. Reach out to the FLIP support team if you have any challenges.

Introduce Prospects to FLIP

Tell as many schools as possible about Flip.
Invite your prospects to use Flip by reaching out to them on various social media platforms or by sending an email. You can also visit the schools directly to tell them about FLIP.

Secure Partnership and Earn

You would earn a 10% commission when your prospects eventually pay the one-time payment and use Flip.

Not Sure About Joining Us as a Sales Marketer?


With Our “Refer and Earn” program, you can earn ₦30,000 for every school that signs up with Flip as your referral.

How does it work?

Earn an additional 30k income in these three simple steps

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Share your unique referral Link to different Schools

Earn ₦30,000 naira when any schools registers with flip using your Unique link

Benefits of Joining Our Sales Team

Being a sales marketer with Flip has an enormous advantage as you get to earn sufficient cash when you bring in a school for partnership

Earn as much as you can depending on the number of prospects you can convert.

Automatically receive first-hand updates and exciting offers on FLIP CBT.

Receive online recognition across all our social media pages

Direct accessibility to our promotional resources.

Technical and customer support from our team.

Receive product tips and newsletters directly from us



We prohibit unacceptable promotional online activities like spamming, hacking, etc that can be detrimental to our product.


We must acknowledge and endorse all your promotional materials before pushing them out to your prospects.


We would pay the expected commission for only the number of schools that partner with us via your unique affiliate link